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Hi-Acts (Helmholtz Innovation Platform for Accelerator-based Technologies and Solutions) provides comprehensive support for your research and development projects by offering rapid access to innovative accelerator technologies. From conception to quality assurance, we support you along the entire value chain and put you in touch with new contacts from our extensive network.

What is Hi-Acts?


Hi-Acts is an innovation platform for accelerator-based technologies which brings together stakeholders working in industry and medicine with experts in scientific research. Our network provides knowledge and technology transfer, so that future technologies and products can be developed more quickly.

Hi-Acts stands for Helmholtz Innovation Platform for Accelerator-based Technologies and Solutions. It was jointly set up by Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), the Helmholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, the Helmholtz Centre Berlin (HZB), and the Helmholtz Centre Hereon.

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Hi-Acts Connect

Hi-Acts Connect - One access, five Centres: Do you already have a specific idea or technical question? The right Helmholtz Centre will provide you with solutions such as Beam-time, Services or Collaborations. Contact us here and quickly find the right expert! Further information on Hi-Acts Connect can be found on our Services page.

Hi-Acts Use Case Initiatives

Next round for the Use Case Initiatives!

Attention to all Helmholtz Researchers and interested Industry! Promising ideas for applied research have the chance of receiving between 20,000 to approx. 50,000 euros in seed funding through Hi-Acts. Every year, the Hi-Acts platform makes half a million euros available for promoting Use Case Initiatives proposed by Helmholtz researchers. For more information click the Link!

Hi-Acts Membership

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Hi-Acts brings together the expertise of five Helmholtz Centres with their unique research facilities. The platform provides advice on scientific-technological, analytical and radiopharmacological issues, discovers the causes of problems and comes up with solutions and ideas. More Information:

Success Stories

Voices from our network

The industrialisation of advanced accelerator technologies, including laser plasma-induced secondary radiation, is extremely complex. One company alone cannot achieve this. A close dialogue with partners in industry is just as important for this as networking with the scientific community. It’s a matter of creating what you might call an innovation ecosystem. That’s what we consider Hi-Acts to be. It’s an investment into the future, and it will pay off in the long term.

Dr. Max Kahmann

Head of Advanced Engineering Laser and System Technology at TRUMPF GmbH & Co KG

Many of the relevant findings in fundamental research could not be obtained without the accelerator-based methods of measurement and observation available at a synchrotron. If new technologies of a similar quality are going to be developed, I want Siemens Healthineers to be in on them early on and to seize the opportunity to industrialise those technologies.

Dr. Jörg Freudenberger

Head of Technology for Power and Vacuum Products at Siemens Healthineers

Achim Kempe

As a leading company in the field of volume production of semiconductor components, we are very interested in being involved in technical innovations at an early stage and contributing our expertise. We look forward to a trust-based exchange with other industry players within the network. The technology platform thereby allows the competence and expertise for highly innovative solutions to be developed sustainably, which can enrich our corporate development in the long term.

Achim Kempe

Senior Vice President (SVP) & Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Nexperia Germany GmbH

Hi-Acts Technologies

Accelerator-based technologies can enable decisive advances in the fields of medicine, technology and the environment. Hi-Acts supports companies and applied research in fully realising this potential.

We bring the functionality of these complex machines closer to stakeholders and promote collaboration between science, industry, and medicine. In this way, we strategically integrate these technologies into value chains.

Hi-Acts - Innovation. Accelerated.

Beyond the circle of its founders, Hi-Acts also aims to connect other research centres more closely with each other and with company and clinical researchers.

Together, they can utilise existing particle accelerators more effectively and develop new facilities that are even better adapted to the needs of industry. These could include compact, and hence decentralised, accelerators which can be used to develop medicines much more quickly and cost-effectively, to carry out high-precision quality tests at companies themselves and to perform proton therapy to fight cancer in hospitals.

Hi-Acts seeks to take on as a group projects which individual companies cannot tackle on their own or that are too risky for private investment.

Hi-Acts provides an uncomplicated meeting place for supply and demand, science and industry. Players from a wide range of high-tech fields – including medical research, materials research, structural research, energy technology and laser technology – are given access to a versatile infrastructure including large-scale research facilities, expert advice and funding opportunities, via a central point of contact. At Hi-Acts Connect, a contact checks and provides individual and free advice as to whether and how Hi-Acts and all the parties involved can offer help: Who is the right partner for the project? What support can the network offer? Is funding potentially available? If necessary, a test run can be carried out with the appropriate accelerator technology.

Hi-Acts sees itself as a marketplace for successful transfer. Research, industry and medicine work together to achieve scientific and technological breakthroughs and use these to efficiently and quickly develop specific processes or products that can move society forward. Deep tech for a more sustainable, healthier and fairer world.

Save the date!

Join our Hi-Tech Forum at the 2nd Hi-Acts network meeting from 4 - 5 November 2024 in Dresden. Mark the date in your diary and take a look at the agenda: Industry meets accelerator-based technologies


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