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Hi-Acts Connect allows you to submit your technological challenge to us online with minimal effort. You will receive feedback from the Hi-Acts consortium as soon as possible, explaining which opportunities for collaboration and which services are available.

A few steps towards your solution:

  • The online form allows you to submit your technical enquiry very easily. The four simple questions will help you describe the issue as fully as possible and facilitate finding a solution.
  • Please name a person we can contact if we have any questions. A suitable expert from our team will get in touch with them.
  • You will receive a suggestion on the best way to approach your issue and with which research group.

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Use Case Initiatives

Attention to all Helmholtz Researchers and interested Industry!

Promising ideas for applied research have the chance of receiving between 20,000 to approx. 50,000 euros in seed funding through Hi-Acts. Every year, the Hi-Acts platform makes half a million euros available for promoting Use Case Initiatives proposed by Helmholtz researchers. In particular, Hi-Acts promotes projects that are developed in collaboration with industry or start-ups and that advance specific applications. So companies are encouraged to put forward their own initiatives or ideas for such collaborative projects and to join us in creating innovations together!

Apply now for the Use Case Initiatives 2025:

Application Form

What are the Use Case Initiatives?


Helmholtz partners in Hi-Acts are working in different groups to develop technological and analytical solutions that make accelerators easier to exploit for industrial needs: "Easier to use, with results that are easier to understand, more reliable and less cost-intensive."

One instrument for achieving these goals is the annual call for proposals for Hi-Acts Use Case Initiatives. This seed-funding measure aims to address current challenges facing industrial partners and seek short-term R&D or production solutions.

Questions on the Use Case Initiatives?

Dr. Martina Bauer

Innovation Manager Technology Transfer

If you have any detailed questions about the Use Case Initiatives, please contact us directly - we look forward to exchanging ideas with you!



Hospitation Programme

A win-win Programme for companies and scientists! Attention members and scientists:

The Hi-Acts Academy Hospitation programme offers a valuable opportunity for changing perspectives and advance innovation and problem solving. The exchange programme is aimed at Hi-Acts members and Helmholtz scientists.

Companies have the opportunity to gain valuable support for complex projects by working with Helmholtz scientists. They contribute their in-depth scientific expertise and effectively support companies with specific issues.

Scientists can contribute their expertise directly to the company and at the same time gain insights into entrepreneurial challenges in research and development (R&D), thereby expanding their skills in a practical environment.

The exchange - as part of the hospitation programme - is flexible and can last between a few days and three months - depending on the needs and objectives of both parties.

A research exchange par excellence!

All benefits at a glance:

For Companies:

  • Technical Support: Benefit from the expertise of highly qualified scientists as you tackle specific challenges.
  • Promoting Innovation: Bring fresh perspectives and the latest research findings to your projects.
  • Flexible Solutions: Expand your team with specialized experts temporarily and in line with your needs.

For Scientists:

  • Practical Experience: Gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in the private sector.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network and make valuable new contacts.
  • Career Opportunities: Discover new career prospects and broaden your career options. 


  • Duration: The duration can be individually agreed, between a few days or weeks and a maximum of 3 months.
  • Tailored Expertise: The goal is to ensure that the planned activity in the company is optimally matched to the scientific expertise of the PhD students and postdocs. If the company and the scientific team are not already in contact, we will gladly bring the right partners together.
  • Funding: The initiative is supported by Hi-Acts. The individual scientists remain employed by their respective Helmholtz Centres.


Johannes Blum

Innovation Manager

If your are interested in this Hospitation Programme as a company or as a Helmholtz scientist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mail to Johannes Blum

Our Services – Your Benefits - Your Membership

Hi-Acts brings together the expertise of five Helmholtz Centres with their unique research facilities. The platform provides advice on scientific-technological, analytical and radiopharmacological issues, discovers the causes of problems and comes up with solutions and ideas. If in a particular case we are unable to offer help ourselves, we can use our national and international networks and research associations to forward your enquiry to qualified persons.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Access to the scientific expertise of five Helmholtz-Centres with regard to accelerator technologies and their potential R&D applications in industry and medicine
  • Access to an accelerator infrastructure whose scope is unparalleled via a single- entry point
  • Networking with members, partners and scientists as well as Hi-Acts experts
  • Participating in annual network meetings and exchange formats
  • We represent the joint interests of the partners in the network in developing new standards and norms
  • Incorporating your own needs into the development of new solutions from the very beginning
  • Participating in public-sector funding opportunities (e.g. Use Case Initiatives)
  • Accessing and exchanging know-how with talented researchers
  • Receiving advice and support with applications for third-party funding applications, e.g. public funding programmes by the BMBF or BMWK
  • Customised training and specialist seminars
More about Membership

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